TPC is accredited as a service and training center by the Solihten Institute, a network of pastoral counseling centers. We have maintained this status since 1999. Our counselors are individually certified by professional associations appropriate for their discipline. Accreditation and certification means TPC and our counselors have met rigorous professional standards, and offer quality counseling and care. To receive accreditation, a Center must meet standards in the areas of organizational structure, personnel and procedure policies, physical facilities, and professional accountability. Each Center is accountable to a local Board of Directors comprised of community leaders who represent supporting congregations.

Solihten Institute is an interfaith counseling network which recruits, accredits, connects, educates, and advances counseling centers practicing one of the most effective paths to healing: spiritually integrated therapy.

The Solihten program has been acknowledged by the American Medical Association, ACPE, the President’s Commission on Mental Health, and major religious denominations.

From our founding in 1975 to 2019, TPC maintained continuous certification with with American Association of Pastoral Counselors, until the association was consolidated with ACPE.

2023 Board of Directors

Cate Church Norman

Susie Gibbons

Ralph McLester
Board Treasurer, Accounting

Ellen Nightingale

Kevin Varner
Staff/Board Liaison

Suzanne Luper
Staff/Board Liaison

Jeffrey Snow

David Verner

Alana Frazier
Board Secretary, Center Director

Nationally Accredited by Solihten Institute
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